Apartment & Condo Bed Bug Service

High-density housing poses its own unique set of challenges to landlords and condominium owners when it comes to pest and bed bug control. With multiple families with widely varying lifestyles all living within the same building, keeping bed bugs out of the building can be extremely difficult. Even worse, once bed bugs are introduced, it can be very difficult to find them in time to isolate the problem, resulting in an expensive, building-wide heat treatment or fumigation. One way to keep on top of this bed bug problem is with regularly scheduled visits by a canine bed bug detection team from Environmental Heat Solutions.

Trained Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Our bed bug detection teams are thoroughly trained, and are certified through the WDDO, one of the nation’s leading certifying institutions for bed bug detection. We don’t offer any other detection services: Just bed bugs. The result?

  • Dogs which are well-trained in only one scent.
  • Handlers which raise and work with their dog exclusively.
  • A total commitment to learning about and innovating in the science of canine bed bug detection.
Only the Best K9 Bed Bug Detection

Since Environmental Heat Solutions’ canine detection teams only work with bed bugs, you can be sure that you are getting the best bed bug dogs around to investigate your apartment complex. However, while a single bed bug inspection is great if you suspect an infestation somewhere within your facility, it can often come long after the infestation has been introduced to other apartments or condominiums within your building.

Prevent Bed Bugs

With regularly scheduled bed bug inspections, you can catch the infestation earlier because you have multiple opportunities to catch an infestation long before it gets out of hand. By checking for bed bugs with a certain amount of frequency, say once per quarter or twice per year, the cost of eliminating bed bugs from your facility goes down. With such a schedule, a widespread infestation requiring a complex-wide fumigation or heat treatment becomes a rare or nonexistent occurrence, meaning that when bed bugs are detected, it is only necessary to treat one or more apartments or condominiums rather than the entire complex. This is a huge money-saver, because the cost of bed bug removal goes up quickly as the area to be treated increases in size.

The presence of bed bugs in an apartment complex can ruin your chances of filling empty apartments and even cause legal problems if the infestation is not dealt with in a swift and effective manner. By scheduling regular bed bug inspections, you ensure that your facility is in top condition and also arm yourself with the knowledge needed to address any problems as they come up.

If you own an apartment complex or a condominium, you can’t afford to be lenient on the bed bug resurgence. With bed bugs becoming increasingly more common after their near-extinction in the 1950s, it’s only a matter of time before you will have to deal with them. It’s best to be prepared: Call Environmental Heat Solutions today to learn more about our canine bed bug detection teams and to discuss your control options