Are There Bed Bug Repellents?

Bed bugs are not known to spread infectious diseases, but that tends to come as small consolation to the people who bear the reminders of their nighttime feedings. As a result, people who are concerned about the pests should practice simple prevention methods such as checking for unwanted passengers clinging to either their clothing or their luggage whenever they leave a potential bed bug habitat. To some, this may seem a tad excessive but nonetheless provides them with their best chances of staying clear. However, they should also know that some of the methods used to prevent other pests are not so effective when used against bed bugs, with bug repellents being a prime example.

Can You Use Bug Repellents to Deter Bed Bugs?

The current research suggests that bed bugs are not deterred by the same bug repellents used to deter other pest insects. In part, this is because the pests seem to be indifferent to the chemicals. However, it should also be noted that bug repellents tend to wear off within a few hours, which is rather problematic since bed bugs are most active between the hours of 3 and 5 AM.

There is some evidence suggesting that bed bugs can be deterred by some of the over-the-counter pesticides that can be found out there, but not so much so that they will refuse to cross treated surfaces in search of food. Even worse, too much use of such pesticides can cause bed bugs to change from their normal behavioral patterns, which can make it more difficult for bed bug exterminators to find and eliminate their infestations.

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Summed up, there is no simple DIY method that can be used to prevent bed bug infestations. For people who suspect bed bug infestations in their home, Environmental Heat Solutions, Inc. is ready to help with its canine detection teams as well as its skilled and experienced bed bug exterminators. Once our canines have sniffed out the pests in your home, we will begin our proven method of thermal remediation to ensure a bed bug free house for you and your family!