Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control in Virginia, Maryland & PA

Do you have:

  • Black dots on your bed spread?
  • Discarded exoskeletons on your mattress?
  • Live bed bugs on your bed frame?

Don’t worry! While bed bug infestations were extremely rare for a time, they are making a comeback. The only thing those who are suffering from a bed bug infestation are guilty of is not being properly informed about these little bugs and how to keep them out of your home and control them. The truth is, there was a period of several years where we had little reason to fear bed bug infestation: The chemical pesticide DDT was highly effective against the bed bugs prior to its ban on environmental grounds, such that the bed bug was all but extinct in the United States. However, times have changed, and we now need to be more vigilant to keep bed bugs out of our home.

Two primary ways to get a bed bug infestation

Travel and second-hand or donated furniture. When traveling during any time of year, you run the risk of bringing bed bugs back into your home. These pests find their way into your luggage or onto your clothes during your stay in an infested hotel room or guest home. The worst part is that bed bugs are not limited only to inhabiting overcrowded or dirty areas: There has been a recent surge in infestations reported, even at upscale hotels. Combine this with the possibility of bed bugs inhabiting second-hand and donated furniture pieces that you bring into your home, and it is easy to see how easy it is to unintentionally bring bed bugs into your home.

If you suspect an infestation, you should contact a pest control professional right away. However, there are a couple of things you can do before they get there that could improve your chances of eliminating the infestation successfully: Attempt to isolate the infestation, and wash your linens thoroughly.

Bed Bug Control Suggestion: : Isolate the Infestation

One of the first things you should do is try to isolate the infestation. If you are able to have a decent guess as to where the bed bugs are in your home, you can prevent them from spreading further by avoiding entering the room. A bed bug dog can help discover the boundaries of the infestation, so that isolation is successful.

Bed Bug Control Suggestion: Wash Your Linens

Use the hottest water the material will allow, and dry them on as high of heat as the material will allow. This will purge the movable items of bed bugs and bed bug eggs, and you can set those aside for use after the bed bug infestation has been eliminated. Dry clean any items which cannot be washed in a traditional manner in order to remove them of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to fully eliminate due to their ability to get through even the tiniest cracks. Isolating the infestation makes the process much less expensive, though a full-house inspection is still recommended afterwards to ensure that the problem is truly gone. Many of our clients prefer full-house thermal remediation for this precise reason: There is little risk of a bed bug being missed compared to an isolated thermal treatment.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive bed bug extermination program, look no further. With years of experience in bed bug heat treatments, Environmental Heat Solutions has removed bed bugs from commercial and residential buildings of every size. So, why wait? Call Environmental Heat Solutions today, and kick the bed bugs out!

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