Bed Bug Services

Bed Bug Services

Have bed bugs taken over your bedroom? Are you seeing tell-tale brown specks on your mattress cover? Don’t put up with these little leeches: Get rid of them with Environmental Heat Solutions.

The bed bug population has been booming in the United States ever since the banning of DDT in the 1950’s; many homeowners are discovering infestations in their home. The little bloodsuckers have been slowly increasing their numbers on American soil ever since DDT was banned for use in our country. If you don’t notice any dark spots on the mattress of your bed, you need to take steps to keep it that way by carefully cleaning any new furniture you get before it comes into the house, and washing your clothes in hot water after encountering suspicious furniture abroad. If you already have those spots, however, you are going to need a professional to get rid of them.

Don’t Use “Bug Bombs”

You can’t get rid of a bed bug infestation with over-the-counter pesticide foggers. Though these devices fill a room with pesticide, they cannot manage the full house coverage that is necessary to eliminate a bed bug population. In fact, they often can’t even penetrate the wall voids in the room being treated! Bed bugs can inhabit any area in your house, and only need to be able to find a target once per year in order to feed. All a fogger will accomplish is spreading the bugs throughout your home, forcing you to waste money before calling in for a professional solution. Save money by hiring a professional from the start!

Thermal Remediation®: A Fast, Environmentally Friendly Solution

What if we told you that we could kill bed bugs in the most environmentally friendly way possible, without using any chemicals, with a process that typically takes only six to eight hours out of your day? What if you could have a friend take your pets, send your children off to school, go to work, and come home to a bed-bug-free house?

That’s not just wishful thinking anymore. With Thermal Remediation® bed bug heat treatments administered by Environmental Heat Solutions, you can quickly exterminate the bed bugs from your home using a procedure that utilizes no harsh chemicals. Set up to tear down usually takes us no longer than eight hours, and you are free to inhabit your home immediately after we’re done, as there is no danger of pesticide residue making a curious dog or child ill. The only thing we leave behind is a warm house (maybe open your windows for a bit when you return) and no more bed bugs.

Don’t settle for being displaced for days or even weeks while another company fumigates your house for bed bugs: Not only will you incur the expense of all the pesticide, you’ll have to find a place to live while your house is serviced. Even worse, you’ll come back to a home which is sticky with pesticide, potentially making a child or pet ill.

If you have a bed bug infestation, the worst thing you can do is wait. Call Environmental Heat Solutions today to learn more about our method and schedule your heat treatment.