Bed Bugs 101: Everything You Never Wanted to Know

Bed bugs are a tiny, brownish-colored insect that are shaped like ovals. They live and thrive on blood from humans and animals. The adult bed bug has a body that is about the size of a small apple seed. After they finish feeding, their bodies will enlarge and turn into a reddish color. While these insects aren’t able to fly, they do move rather quickly across the floors, ceilings and walls. The female bed bug is capable of laying hundreds of their eggs over the course of their life. These eggs are only the size of a piece of dust, which makes them invisible to the naked eye.

They Can Quickly Leave Their Mark on Your Home

As such, you end up with a ton of these insects invading your space and taking over your environment. That’s why bed bug treatment is so critical to keeping your home clean and clear of these critters. These small insects end up shedding their skin five times before they are actually at their largest size. If conditions are favorable, these insects can end up reaching adult stage in just one month. Imagine all of those skin pieces all over your home. Another thing to think about is that they produce upwards of three generations annually.

Eliminating the Nuisance is Crucial

While these insects are definitely a nuisance, the good thing is that they don’t transmit diseases. Still, figuring out how to deal with these pests and working to find bed bug treatment options that are in your best interest is crucial. That’s where you can turn to the help of someone who has ample experience and expertise dealing with bed bugs and eradicating them from your home. At Environmental Heat Solutions, we use proven methods of bed bug treatment. We aren’t out there to partially handle your bed bug problem. Our goal is to remove them from your home completely and help prevent them from coming back.

These Small Pests Can Creep in Quickly

Many people associate bed bugs with someone who has a dirty home, but that isn’t the case. These pests can make their way into your home on luggage, used furniture, clothing and many other items. Because they have such a flattened body, they can easily fit in the smallest of spaces. They are only as thick as that of your credit card.

While they don’t have a nest, they do tend to live in a group and huddle together. That means when you have one bed bug, you can almost guarantee that others are lurking beneath the surface somewhere. They tend to hide out in your mattress, bed frame, box spring, headboard, drapes and anywhere else that they can easily creep out and bite you at night while you sleep. If you are tired of dealing with bed bugs or you think there might be a problem, you can turn to the team at Environmental Heat to take care of the problem for you.