Commercial Bed Bug Services

Whether you own a hotel or an office, or are in charge of a hospital or any commercial building, there is something you should know. Since the banning of DDT in the United States, bed bugs are making a comeback in this country. These creatures can be very disruptive to many businesses, especially hospitals and hotels, and so we would like to ask: Have you checked for bed bugs lately?

Bed Bugs Affect All Businesses

If you aren’t in the hospitality or healthcare industry, you probably wonder what trouble a bed bug infestation could cause in your commercial building. After all, there are no beds there! However, the truth is that bed bugs can inhabit any part of a building, and have a habit of taking up residence in small cracks in walls near their feeding station. This could mean the walls near workstations. A bed bug could then feed on your employees while they work. By performing regular inspections of the workplace, particularly with the aid of a canine detection service, you can stop these infestations from getting out of hand and requiring building-wide heat treatments, or worse, expensive fumigation.

If a bed bug infestation goes unnoticed, you now have a hub through which bed bugs can come to inhabit all of your employees’ homes as well, and even your own. Regular bed bug inspections and treatments not only keep the bugs out of your employee’s homes, it also promotes an image of cleanliness in your office. Do you really want a potential client to see bed bugs in the wall voids of your conference rooms? I don’t think so!

Bed Bug Services for Hotels and Hospitals

If you are in the hospitality or healthcare industry, then the need for preventing bed bug infestations is even greater. Obviously, in healthcare, having a clean environment is critical to the health of patients who come in. While there are no known complications or adverse effects related to a bed bug bite, their mere presence in a hospital will very quickly cause people to view your hospital as being uncleanly. If steps are not taken to treat the infestation as quickly as possible, your hospital will most likely be forced to shut down for fumigation due to public outrage. For hospitals, it is therefore especially important to focus on prevention and regular inspections. By reducing the ability of bed bugs to get a foothold in your hospital, you prevent a widespread problem later on.

As for those in the hospitality industry, bed bugs can quickly put entire buildings out of commission for fumigation if a widespread bed bug infestation occurs. However, the good news is that, with canine bed bug detection, it is now possible to target your approach to prevent such a widespread closure and the hit to your public image that comes from one of your buildings getting tented. By taking advantage of this tactic, hotel owners can close off specific rooms for treatment rather than the whole building, and can discreetly manage bed bug infestations.

If you haven’t checked your commercial building for bed bugs, what are you waiting for? These bugs are coming back, and the last thing you want to do is neglect to fight them. But if you’re going to fight them, you need an ally. That’s where we come in. Environmental Heat Solutions has been working hard for many years to keep businesses and homes pest-free. Let us help you protect your business from the bed bug resurgence. Call us today to get started.