Comparing Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs in the home can be very stressful. If you have discovered tiny black blotches or molted exoskeletons, your first reaction may be to panic and immediately call a pest control company for fumigation services. You assume that spending a lot of money on fumigation services is the only way to get rid of the bugs. If fumigation is not done immediately, you might even think that the problem will become irreversible, and the bed bugs will surely overtake the entire house, living in the walls until there’s no more room for them to hide. So, you rush to a pest control company to spend a lot of money on fumigation services.

Relax. While building-wide fumigation is sometimes necessary, there are many other, less expensive ways to eliminate bed bugs from your home.

Targeted Bed Bug Removal

One popular way to save money on fumigation services is to apply removal methods to only the rooms in which the bed bugs have been detected. This has limited success if a visual inspection was the only method used in determining the location of bed bugs. For this method to work reliably, canine bed bug detection is necessary in order to better narrow down the possible locations of the bed bugs. Environmental Heat Solutions features their own canine bed bug detection squad in order to isolate bed bugs in the home. Once the infestation has been found, it can be eliminated by our top-notch pest control technicians.

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Rather than fumigating your home and pumping it full of poisonous chemicals, heat treatment works by instead pumping your home full of hot air. The goal of any heat treatment is to raise the internal temperature of your home beyond the point where it is inhabitable for bed bugs, and to maintain this level of heat for sufficient time to kill all the bugs inside. Environmental Heat Solutions uses Thermal Remediation® heat treatment equipment in order to quickly and thoroughly eliminate bed bugs. This enables us to offer a “whole-house” bed bug solution in those cases where targeted removal has been ineffective or is impractical to perform.

Sometimes, Fumigation is Necessary…

…But it’s rare.

Most people jump straight to fumigation when they think about eliminating a bed bug infestation. However, this is frequently unnecessary, and should only be attempted after more environmentally-friendly and less-expensive methods are tried. Bed bug fumigation is far more expensive than termite fumigation because of the extra pesticide needed to ensure the infestation is completely eliminated.

Environmental Heat Solutions has been serving businesses and homes in the VA, MD, and Pennsylvania areas for many years with our bed bug eradication services. We work hard to keep the pests out so you can rest assured that the bed bugs won’t bite tonight. If you have noticed suspicious bite marks in the morning, or if you have found black spots on your mattress, call Environmental Heat Solutions today. We’ll help you get these nasty little parasites out of your home.