DIY Bed Bug Treatments – 3 Reasons to Avoid

Americans are by nature, independent people. We encourage each other to do as much as we can ourselves, and this includes home-based pest removal. Although many people successfully remove fleas, ticks, and other infestations from their homes, we do not recommend DIY bed bug treatments. Bed bugs are a highly resilient and potentially dangerous type of insect. Today, we’ll highlight a few reasons you need a professional for their removal.

Bed Bugs Are Difficult to Ditch

Bed bugs are not always visible and are highly resilient. The common bed bug is a flat, oval-shaped reddish-brown creature that burrows into several places besides beds. Bed bugs will travel away from beds or mattresses quickly when exposed to light. Thus, they’re often found in hard-to-reach areas such as wall, window, and furniture cracks, ceiling tiles, or crawl spaces in attics and basements. Because not every affected individual has marks or rashes, bed bug bites can also go unnoticed. Bed bugs can live over a year without feeding, so an at-home treatment will probably not eradicate every bug in the home.

Bed Bugs Can Live Anywhere

Traditional bug-killing methods, such as bug spray and cleaning agents, will not affect bed bugs. Research has shown that bed bugs can live for several weeks before dying after being sprayed with agents like off or Lysol. They can slip past mattress encasements or covers and hide between the seams. Water beds and memory foam will not deter them, either. In short, bed bugs will live anywhere and can lay thousands of eggs, turning the infestation of one bed into a hostile takeover of your house.

Bed Bugs Are a Health Hazard

Although the CDC doesn’t consider bed bugs a serious public health risk, they are hazardous to people and animals. Their bites may cause serious rashes, allergic reactions, and sores. Infants, children, and the elderly are especially at risk. The pesticides traditionally used to kill bed bugs may also sicken or kill homeowners and loved ones. If you suspect bed bugs, please call an environmentally responsible professional as soon as possible.