Hotel Bed Bug Service

People who work in the hospitality industry know that hotels have their own unique set of challenges when it comes to pest and bed bug control. With multiple people passing through rooms on a daily basis, each with their own unique lifestyles, it can be a major challenge to keep bed bugs out of the hotel building. Even worse, any bed bug infestation has the potential to cost the hotel a great deal of money, as closing for fumigation means one day to several weeks of lost opportunity.

Smarter Bed Bug Solutions for Hotels

If you could find a way to isolate an infested room and successfully treat just that room, would you do it? Of course: Each room you close costs the business money, and tenting the whole building is a public relations nightmare. Regularly scheduled visits by a canine bed bug detection team from Environmental Heat Solutions can help your hotel isolate infestations before they get out of control, saving you money in the long run by greatly reducing the likelihood of a building-wide heat treatment or fumigation being necessary.

Trained & Expert Bed Bug Dectection

Choosing a canine bed bug detection team can be difficult. With many options throughout the VA, MD, PA and WV area, it can be difficult to differentiate one provider from another. However, our bed bug detection teams are thoroughly trained, and are certified through the WDDO, one of the nation’s leading certifying institutions for bed bug detection. We don’t offer any other detection services: Just bed bugs. The result?

  • Dogs which are well-trained in only one scent.
  • Handlers which raise and work with their dog exclusively.
  • A total commitment to learning about and innovating in the science of canine bed bug detection.

Since Environmental Heat Solutions’ canine detection teams only work with bed bugs, you can be sure that you are getting the best bed bug dogs around to search through your hotel building. A single bed bug inspection is great for when you suspect an infestation: We will come and delineate exactly which rooms are infested, and exactly what is needed in order to ensure the problem is eradicated. However, you could stand to save a lot of lost costs by having your hotel inspected on a regular basis. This will enable us to find infestations much sooner after they occur, meaning a more isolated infestation that is easier and cheaper to eliminate.

The presence of bed bugs in your hotel can mean dissatisfied guests and can cause long periods of closure if the problem becomes a building-wide issue. By scheduling regular inspections, you can avoid this problem and ensure that bed bug issues within your building are taken care of as promptly as possible.

If you own a hotel, you can’t afford to be lenient on the bed bug resurgence. With bed bugs becoming increasingly more common after their near-extinction in the 1950s, it’s only a matter of time before you will have to deal with them. It’s best to be prepared: Call Environmental Heat Solutions today to learn more about our canine bed bug detection teams and to discuss your control options.