Bed Bug Treatment

The bed bug has returned from its near-extinction in the early fifties. This resurgence followed the removal of DDT from the American marketplace, and has been encouraged by the increased frequency at which Americans travel internationally. Today, bed bugs can be introduced into a home in a variety of ways, though despite all of these hazards, travel remains one of the primary causes.

Do any of these describe you or your home? Do you…

  • wake up with small red bumps, like mosquito bites, on your legs or arms?
  • have tiny, rust-colored spots forming on your mattress?
  • notice occasional or frequent black spots on your mattress seams, box springs, behind the headboard, or other places throughout your home?

Any of these things could indicate a bed bug infestation. Bug bombs, foggers, and other area pesticides can cause the bed bug infestation to spread to other places throughout your home. With no over-the-counter treatment available, many people turn to expensive fumigation services. Not only do they have to spend money on a service which often requires up to three times as much pesticide as comparable treatment for other pests, the service leaves a residue which can be harmful to animals and small children. Fumigation is also far from discreet, requiring your home or business building to be “tented” to keep chemicals within the property.

There is a better way. Though bed bugs can be extremely difficult to find, they are particularly susceptible to extreme highs in temperature. Bed bugs at all stages of their life die after extended exposure to temperatures in excess of 115 degrees Fahrenheit. In light of this finding, Environmental Heat Solutions offers a heat-based solution to bed bug infestations which remove infestations without the need for harmful chemicals.

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Rather than pumping your home full of poisonous chemicals, heat treatment works by circulating hot air in excess of 115 degrees Fahrenheit throughout your home or place of business. Environmental Heat Solutions uses Thermal Remediation® heat treatment equipment in order to quickly and thoroughly eliminate bed bugs. We raise the internal temperature of your home so that it becomes uninhabitable to bed bugs, and maintain this level of heat for sufficient time to kill all of the bugs inside. This enables us to offer a “whole-house” bed bug solution in those cases where targeted removal has been ineffective or is impractical to perform.

Why settle for the slow, shameful, toxic process of bed bug fumigation when bed bug heat treatment is available near you? Bed bug heat treatment takes a fraction of the time, often getting you back into your home within 24 hours.

At Environmental Heat Solutions, we work hard to keep the bed bugs out so you can rest assured that the bed bugs don’t bite in your home. So, if you have noticed suspicious bite marks in the morning, or if you have found black spots on your mattress, don’t wait: Call us today, and we’ll help you get these nasty little parasites out of your home.