K9 Bed Bug Detection

K9 Bed Bug Detection Company

Environmental Heat Solutions offers, in addition to its Thermal Remediation® solutions, offers K9 bed bug detection services in VA, MD, PA and WV. By providing a means with which to test your home for bed bugs, we have found and destroyed infestations before they had a chance to take root. Our bed bug dogs can detect between live and dead bed bugs, as well, and so many of our clients choose to have our dogs investigate in order to ensure that our Thermal Remediation® service was successful. But what separates Environmental Heat Solutions from other bed bug detection companies?

All We Do Is Bed Bugs

Many K9 detection services offer a wide variety of different canine detection teams. Rather than having a single set of teams that detect one thing, such as bed bugs, many companies have a wide variety of teams, and some companies even have the same dog trained to detect many different scents. It can be difficult, therefore, to really know what kind of value you are getting, because the company is dividing its resources between everything from bed bugs to explosives.

Environmental Heat Solutions focuses its canine detection team exclusively on bed bugs, so you can be certain that we stay up-to-date on the latest training techniques and reports. By focusing solely on bed bugs, we are able to commit ourselves completely to the task of keeping our bed bug detection teams in top condition. We are trained and certified through the WDDO – the world leader in dog detection training.

Environmental Heat Solutions Offers Heat-Based Bed Bug Extermination

Did you know that a heat-based bed bug solution has been developed that is faster, more environmentally friendly, and at least as effective as whole-home fumigation? A company selling bed bug fumigation won’t tell you that, and a bed bug detection company affiliated with fumigators won’t, either!

Environmental Heat Solutions is an environmentally friendly bed bug solutions company, using Thermal Remediation® heat-based bed bug extermination to eliminate bed bug infestations throughout the Virginia, Maryland and PA area. Our experienced, professional staff has been working with heat-based bed bug extermination methods since their development, meaning you won’t find anybody better-versed in the techniques of this emerging technology. We work hard to make sure that each of our heat-based exterminations occurs as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our bed bug detection team is trained to ensure that we find the bed bugs, and we are quick to offer an alternative solution if we believe the bed bug infestation to be isolated. Since an isolated solution, when effective, can save money compared to whole-building treatment, our bed bug dogs work hard to make sure that you are getting the best value in bed bug extermination services.

Don’t settle for the long process of fumigation! Let Environmental Heat Solutions be your one-stop solution to your bed bug problems. Whether you have a widespread infestation or one which is limited to a single room, we have the tools and the expertise necessary to determine the extent of the problem and provide a successful extermination solution. So instead of worrying about finding a canine detection service as well as a pest control company, why not choose the bed bug extermination company that does both? Call Environmental Heat Solutions today to get started.