Make Your Move Bed-Bug Free

With reports of bed bug infestations on the rise in recent years, they are becoming much more than just another nuisance. The truth is that these pests are making a major return to the United States after having been nearly eliminated from the region. They inhabit homes, hotels, apartments, and even libraries throughout the country, searching out new hosts with which to hitch a ride home.

Once you have a bed bug infestation in your home, it is very difficult to get rid of it. Sometimes, families relocate in order to leave a bed bug infestation behind, such as due to a landlord who neglects to properly treat the property. When this happens, the last thing you want is for the bed bugs to follow you to your new abode. That’s why Environmental Heat Solutions offers canine detection services as well as heat treatments to check each and every item you are bringing to your new place. Let our inspection team ensure that you will arrive at your new home or apartment bed bug free. If bed bugs are detected, a heat treatment of the moving van can eliminate all stages of bed bugs in record time.

Do you have a child in college? Consider having us over to check their stuff when they leave school behind for the summer, or their dormitory when they arrive in the fall. This allows you the peace of mind in knowing that the cost of your child’s education will be limited to tuition and board, rather than being the cause of expensive fumigation of your home. If bed bugs are detected, we’re happy to provide a heat treatment for the things they brought home. If bugs are found in the dorm room itself, we’ll let you know so that the proper authorities of the school can rectify the situation.

Whether you are looking to move to a new home or apartment without taking bed bugs with you, or just wanting to make sure that your college-age child isn’t bringing along unwelcome guests, Environmental Heat Solutions can help. Call us today to get started. For more information about our Bedbug Moving Service, click here.