Are bed bugs invading your household? Do you often wake up with tiny bites? Are you sick of feeling that creepy-crawly feeling each time you wash your sheets? Don’t waste your money and time trying to get rid of bed bugs using store-bought products! Bed bugs are resilient, and these products, even a pesticide fogger, cannot reach deep into your walls to eliminate all stages of bed bug. All these foggers do is provoke the bugs to spread throughout your home until they have invaded every crack and furniture piece. For this reason, bed bug extermination is a problem best left to the professionals with the proper equipment and experience to deal with bed bug infestations. If you cannot stand bed bugs, but also don’t like the expense and the pollution associated with pesticide-based fumigation treatments, let Environmental Heat Solutions be your bed bug exterminator.

Why Consider Heat Treatment?

Environmental Heat Solutions uses Thermal Remediation® heat-based bed bug solutions for homes and businesses of any size. Heat-based bed bug solutions are faster and better for the environment than pesticide-based fumigation services. It is often cheaper, too! When there is a widespread infestation, or when the degree of infestation cannot be fully ascertained, a whole-building heat solution is often the best way to ensure that the bed bugs are completely eradicated from the residence of business. However, sometimes, an isolated treatment is possible, which will save you even more money.

Environmental Heat Solutions also employs top-notch canine bed bug detection units. We want to help eliminate your bed bug problems as efficiently as possible, and bed bug dogs can be used to determine whether the infestation is isolated or widespread. If isolated, an isolated solution can be provided, eliminating the problem while saving you money.

Generally speaking, building-wide fumigation services should be avoided. This is because of the expensiveness and environmental impact associated with the procedure. When fumigation is used as a technique to kill bed bugs, three times as much pesticide is needed compared to termite fumigation, due to the resilience of some stages of bed bugs to pesticides. This much pesticide is expensive and is certain to leave a poisonous residue all throughout your home, making it a dangerous solution if you have pets or young children. Contrast this with heat-based solutions, which have comparable success rates to similar methods employing pesticides, and are cheaper and faster than fumigation. The choice is clear: Heat-based solutions are safer, more environmentally friendly, and cheaper!

Simply put, fumigation should be considered a last ditch effort when all other avenues fail. Let Environmental Heat Solutions use our heat-based extermination methods to eliminate the bed bugs from your home, and you will never want to even think about fumigation again!

The Best Company for Bed Bug Treatment in Maryland

Remember: Bed bugs are hardy. When people try to take bed bug treatment into their own hands, they realize too late that they do not have the ability to control the pests, resulting in a more expensive solution than may have otherwise been needed. Environmental Heat Solutions proudly serves the Maryland and we would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers. We can address a multitude of different needs for Maryland homes in need of bed bug treatment. So take back your home: Let us take care of the bed bugs. Contact Environmental Heat Solutions today.