Not All K9’s Created Equal

Choose the Best Bed Bug Inspection Company

Listen carefully: Who you decide to use for a bed bug inspection company is extremely important. Many people seem to believe that all bed bug dog training programs teach the same curriculum and have the same standards, such that any licensed canine detection services provider will provide more or less the same quality of work and will have approximately the same success rate. However, because canine bed bug detection is an emerging method, there are many different training schools which either teach different methods or approach the training in different ways.

In short, there is no universal program that a K9 detection dog goes through. There are also many different licensing institutions, such that the tests themselves may vary from institution to institution. So if you take two different canine detection teams, they can have highly different strengths and weaknesses if they were certified by different institutions! This doesn’t even take into account the possibility of a dog that has been trained to detect numerous different substances. Whenever this happens, even if the dog is currently being used exclusively for bed bugs, there is always a risk that the dog will become confused by earlier training.

It’s important, therefore, to know exactly how a canine detection team was formed. At Environmental Heat Solutions, we train our dogs from puppies, so that we can be sure that they only learn bed bug detection methods. Furthermore, by pairing each dog with a bed bug single inspector, we ensure that each canine detection team is familiar with one another: The handler with the dog’s cues and vice versa. Furthermore, we certify our dogs through the WDDO, one of the nation’s leading certifying institutions for bed bug detection. The result is a well-trained and independently certified bed bug dog. Scientific studies have shown that, in controlled conditions, such a bed bug dog is approximately 98% accurate.

A Good Bed Bug Dog & Inspector Can Save You Thousands

If you have found signs of bed bugs in your home, it may already be too late to avoid whole-building solutions. Why? If the infestation is widespread enough that you are seeing signs, there is a good chance that there are bed bugs on your clothes, or at least on your sheets, as you change them out. As you do laundry, a bed bug may be swept off onto the floor in your utility room or hallway, and could venture to another area of your house. If this bed bug is female, it could lay eggs in this new area of the house, causing a secondary infestation to grow. Long before you detect this new infestation, bed bugs could be hitching rides to every room in your house on your clothing. When you do call in for an inspection, these infestations will be found by a bed bug dog, but what may have been a single-room solution is now a building-wide problem.

If you suspect bed bugs in any room in your house, or if you recently came back from vacation and did not take adequate bed bug prevention precautions, don’t hesitate: Call Environmental Heat Solutions today for a canine bed bug inspection, before the infestation spreads.