Pennsylvania-Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are making a comeback. Though nearly extinct in the U.S. at the end of the 1950’s, the banning of DDT has allowed the tiny bloodsuckers to resurge in numbers throughout the country, due primarily to a widespread increase in international travel. Many people come home from a vacation only to find the telltale tiny black spots on their mattresses just a few days later. If bed bugs are invading your household, relax: Environmental Heat Solutions can help.

Pesticide Foggers and Other “Do-It-Yourself” Solutions Won’t Work!

When people attempt to eliminate a bed bug infestation by themselves, they often just wind up with a bigger, more widespread bed bug infestation than before! It really is a waste of your hard-earned money and time trying to get rid of bed bugs using store-bought products. Bed bugs are resilient: Even a pesticide fogger cannot put enough pesticide deep enough into your walls to eliminate all stages of bed bug. The only thing a do-it-yourself solution accomplishes is spreading an existing bed bug infestation throughout your home, until they have invaded every nook, cranny, and furniture piece. It’s far better to leave bed bug extermination to the professionals with the proper equipment and experience to deal with bed bug infestations. Environmental Heat Solutions can eliminate your bed bug infestation for less than the cost a full-house fumigation, using methods which are more discreet and better for your home and the environment.

Why Consider Thermal Remediation®?

Environmental Heat Solutions uses Thermal Remediation® heat-based bed bug solutions for our clients. If you worry that the overuse of pesticides could cause damage to the environment, then our heat-based bed bug solutions are the answer for your bed bug problem! These solutions utilize no pesticides, making them better for the environment than pesticide-centered solutions. Even those who are not environmentally conscious can benefit from heat-based bed bug solutions, however. These solutions are faster and often cheaper than fumigation.

Environmental Heat Solutions also employs top-notch canine bed bug detection units. Because we want to help you eliminate your bed bug problems as efficiently as possible, we offer bed bug dog team inspections to determine whether the infestation is isolated or widespread. If our team can isolate the infestation to a certain room, we can provide isolated extermination services, saving you money.

Don’t waste your money on building-wide pesticide fumigation! Did you know that three times as much pesticide is needed to fumigate a building for bed bugs compared to for termites? This much pesticide is expensive, and is certain to leave a poisonous residue all throughout your home, endangering pets and young children. As a result, it is often necessary for a home to be vacated for days before it is considered safe to re-enter after fumigation! Heat-based solutions, however, have comparable success rates to similar methods employing pesticides, and are much cheaper and much faster.

Simply put, fumigation should be considered a last ditch effort when all other avenues fail. Let Environmental Heat Solutions use our heat-based extermination methods to eliminate the bed bugs from your home, and you will never want to even think about fumigation again!

The Best Company for Bed Bug Treatment in Washington, D.C.

Bed bugs are tough. When people try to take bed bug treatment into their own hands, they often only succeed in making their bed bug problem much bigger and more widespread, resulting in a more expensive solution. Environmental Heat Solutions proudly serves Pennsylvania and we would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers. We can address a multitude of different needs for Pennsylvania homes in need of bed bug treatment. So if you’re ready to take a stand and take back your home, let us get the bed bugs out. Contact Environmental Heat Solutions today to get started.