Thermal Heat Remediation®

Thermal Heat Remdiation Kills BedBugsIf you have been unfortunate enough to encounter a bed bug infestation in your home, we understand that you don’t want to waste time and money on treatments which may or may not work. You don’t want to have to go through trial after trial as a pest control company attempts to control the issue with isolated spot treatments that have a high failure rate. You want the bed bugs gone, and you want them gone now. We understand that. Unfortunately, so do many pest control companies, who will gladly sell you on expensive building-wide fumigation services without trying more cost-effective solutions.

What if we told you that there was a building-wide bed bug solution that cost less than fumigation to administer, used no harmful chemicals, and had a success rate approximately equal to that of whole-house fumigation? Interested? Keep reading.

Thermal Remediation® bed bug heat treatments feature a system of several state-of-the-art heaters and fans which will circulate hot air throughout your home to achieve temperatures of up to 135° Fahrenheit. Why is that important? Simple: No stage of bed bug—not the adults, not the eggs, not anything in between—can survive temperatures of over 122° Fahrenheit. Several independent scientific studies have repeatedly proven this fact. By elevating your internal house temperature to approximately 135° Fahrenheit for an extended period of time, we kill all stages of bed bug in your home.

So, what’s magical about the 135° Fahrenheit number? Why don’t we crank up the heaters even higher? That’s to protect your electronics and anything else in your house which might be sensitive to temperature extremes. 135° Fahrenheit has demonstrated itself, time and time again, to be the highest safe temperature to raise a home: Much higher, and damage to electronics (or anything made of plastic) could occur.

Heat Treatment Is Faster, Better for the Environment, and Cheaper

It’s true that heat treatments take electricity, so how good for the environment a heat treatment is depends a lot on where the electricity comes from. If your home is powered with sustainable technologies, however, then a Thermal Remediation® treatment is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. The same can’t be said for the alternative: building-wide fumigation.

Building-wide fumigation for bed bugs takes three times as much pesticide as fumigation for termites. This means that, after fumigation, there will be substantial pesticide residue in your home. If you have pets or young children, this residue could be very harmful should the animal or child ingest some of this residue. Furthermore, this much pesticide could easily contaminate the groundwater and cause other environmental issues.

When you consider that heat treatment also enables you to be back in your home eight hours after starting treatment and that heat treatment is cheaper than pumping your home full of pesticides, the choice is obvious: Thermal Remediation® heat solutions will get your home back from the clutches of those nasty, biting bed bugs. Call Environmental Heat Solutions today to learn more about our heat treatments using Thermal Remediation® technology and to schedule your appointment. It’s your house. Take it back from the bed bugs with Environmental Heat Solutions.