Are bed bugs running your household? Do you wake up every morning with a new set of tiny bites that give you that creepy-crawly feeling all day? Trying to get rid of bed bugs using over-the-counter products is a waste of money and time, as the bugs are resilient and can easily avoid pesticide foggers in your home, infesting each room they inhabit as they go along and hiding deep in your wall voids when you attempt to clear them out with pesticide. You need a professional with the proper equipment who is experienced in eliminating this problem; you need Environmental Heat Solutions.

When Heat Treatment Is the Best Option

Environmental Heat Solutions specializes in Thermal Remediation® heat-based bed bug solutions for homes and businesses of any size. This method of removing bed bugs is faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than bed bug fumigation. It is therefore a good first step in any building where there is a widespread infestation or where the degree of infestation cannot be confidently ascertained. Environmental Heat Solutions employs top-notch canine bed bug detection units in order to maximize the chance of isolating the infestation, potentially saving even more money on an isolated solution.

Full-home fumigation, because of its environmental impact and its expensiveness, should be avoided. Such fumigation services, when treating for bed bugs, must use three times as much pesticide as they would for termite fumigation, making it an exceptionally expensive and environmentally dangerous solution. A heat solution has comparable success rates to a well-executed fumigation, and is cheaper and faster than fumigation. With such a treatment, why use anything else?

The truth is, fumigation should only be considered a last ditch effort when all other avenues fail. Between the expense and environmental hazard of the pesticide and the embarrassment of your house being “tented,” nobody should have to go through a full fumigation service without first exhausting every option that is cheaper and more discreet. Let Environmental Heat Solutions use our heat-based extermination methods to eliminate the bed bugs from your home, and you will never want to even think about fumigation again!

Sometimes, an isolated treatment is possible, which will save you even more money. We use well-trained, bed-bug-detecting dogs in order to identify the extent of your infestation in order to best inform whether to apply a full home heat treatment or if isolated treatment is sufficient.

Bed bugs are resilient creatures. When people try to take bed bug treatment into their own hands, they quickly realize they do not have the ability to control the pests. That means people have to look into other treatment options. Environmental Heat Solutions in Virginia can address a multitude of different needs for bed bug treatment. Let us take care of your bugs so you can have your home back.

The Best Company for Bed Bug Treatment in Virginia

Now that you know your treatment options, you need to make an appointment with the top bedbug control company in Virginia. Our skilled technicians have the training and experience necessary to administer state of the art treatments to our clients in Virginia. Treating bed bugs can be difficult, so you want Virginia’s best company in your corner.

You shouldn’t have to live with bed bugs. Contact Environmental Heat Solutions today and let us help you control the pests before they control you. We proudly serve Virginia and we would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers.